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Kirbys Duck Of Might And Magic
(this is a generated title)

Genre: 2.5D Adventure
Platform: Unity3D

Hati @hatitwitter (Programmer)
Vivi @hollowspecter (Programmer)
Max @hammenmaster (2D Artist)
Saskia @saskiaaaaaa (2D Artist)
Julian @viezensj (Programmer)
Daniel @simon (3D Artist)
Michelle @mcdonalds (2D Artist)
Ingelis @losingelis (Writer and 2D Artist)
Vanessa @starwarsIntro (Starwars Quack Music)
(Most of them are NOT real Twitter Handles!!!)

This game is in German. We would still appreciate it, if you looked into it. Please please watch the opening intro, because the intro-music is just awesome.

- Gamepad: Is explained / comes anturally
- Keyboard: WASD/Arrows to Move, J K L to transform

This was probably the most fun Game Jam because we didn't focus on making the BEST GAME EVER, but focused mostly on having THE MOST FUN EVER creating a duck related game. We often had gaming breaks and even played a spontaneous "Murder Mystery Game" at one of our pizza dinners. We understand, this game has LOTS AND LOTS of loopholes and bugs! We still appreciate your feedback, though. And we're sorry that so many civilian breads just die uncontrollable and scream out of fear. all. the. time.

Regarding Audio: Our talented Artist Vanessa has made the StarWars-like intro. The IntroDialog-Music and MainGame Music is made by Kevin McLeod and therefore not made by us!


PS: Whoever finds our easter eggs wins!
(Hint: One is in the Main Menu, one is on a lonely island. Good luck!)


KibysDuckOfMightAndMagic.zip 80 MB