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What happens, when you put together a group of ten programmers, artists and gamedesigners for a Ludum Dare Jam? 3 mechanics, 3 artstyles and one game. This is the outcome of our really weird and hella fun experiment.

You're Jamie, a Raptor-Cyborg-Postman living the post-apokalypse in three acts. With "F" and "J" you navigate through his life. Firstly, you have to collect all the letters in the post office. But be careful, you can only move through magnets drawing you to them or pushing you off. Made it through? Perfect! Let's jump to Jamie's last tour before the post-apokalypse. Now you drive through the town, putting the mail into the right mailboxes. But be careful to collect enough food on the way, else you won't make it! With the end of this drive, you'll end up in the hospital. The accident was really bad, but as ambitious as our beloved protagonist is, he aims to leave the hospital without official release. You take control over his heartbeat and breathing and lead him through the hospital and into the city.

We're a weird bunch of german gamedesign- and programming-students:


Julian Viezens
Vivien Baguio
Benjamin Barz
Sebastian Krause
Yasmin Juncker


Maxine Hammen
Julia Wolf
Saskia Hohmann
Michelle Kaufmann
Maximilian Furrer
Yasmin Schraven


Vivien Baguio
Julian Viezens

Install instructions

Made with Unity3D




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What the heck is this game.

It's.... It's...
The most beautiful collaboration I have ever seen.

It has everything. Physics puzzle. FPS mailbox shooter. Black sheep jump scare? Rhythm Game?!?

Game of the Year. It shows a beautiful story about the life of mortals, and how we all struggle to survive and fail, yet stumble along our daily lives until we hit a textureless wall called death, and must finally succumb to it. 

You did a great job team. It's just plain wonderful. I love it.

Also, I tried using a metronome to time heartbeats for the longest time until I realized that its better off on just "pumping" whenever the EKG line is green, and just kind of breathing whenever you want to!