A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Fight your way through the bouncing madness in this exhilarating axe-fighting armadillo game! But careful: the faster and stronger you bounce, the harder it is to control your leathery friend. But who needs control, right? RIGHT?

Gameplay footage: 


  • 2D fast-paced Arena Game
  • Local-Multiplayer only
  • Several levels
  • All assets handmade for the Ludum Dare Jam
  • Custom Settings for more fun


  • A-Button: Jump from Wall, Bounce faster
  • Bumper: Slash your Axe
  • Escape to Exit
  • Mouse Controls to change Settings
  • Tested and developed with XBOX Controllers
  • Alternative controls for Keyboard (WASD+J+K) but not ideal


  • Julian Viezens (Game Mechanic Programming, Most of the Character Animations) @viezensj
  • Finley Baguio (Game Flow Programming, Tileset Assets, Music, SFX) @hollowspecter
  • Lena Bohns (Armadillo Anim in Start Screen, Background Art)


Axetreme_Armadillo_LINUX.zip 18 MB
Axetreme_Armadillo_MAC.app.zip 16 MB
Axetreme_Armadillo_WIN.zip 13 MB

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